Integrity Works™


A comprehensive 12 week online group coaching program for everyone who wants coaching to empower themselves. This is for people who don’t want to grow dependency – people who want to strengthen their inner voice and deepen their connection to themselves.

Based on The Integrity System™, Our Online Coaching Program.

January 7th 2024


Online group coaching for talented people

Learn the habits and techniques behind self-coaching to help you manage change and decision-making with ease and integrity.

We are living in an uncertain world and we believe everyone needs a coach. We created this affordable program to help busy people get results fast.

This is for people who want to strengthen their inner voice, master self-coaching techniques and learn how to lead and coach others.

We have created a 12-week interactive coaching and facilitation experience to accompany you through your personal work with The Integrity System™.

Join our program to kick off your year with conscious peers who have a growth mindset, like you!

Your Coaches, Denise Nickerson & Michelle Guiliano


What You Get

Every Week, You Get

  • 1 x 60-minute Live Workshop on the theme of the Week - including breakout rooms, meditation & visualization

  • 1 x 60-minute Live Call with survey results, Q&A and Your Updates

  • Worksheets to help you advance

  • Direct Access to your coaches

  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group Facilitated & Managed By your coaches.

    You Will Be Part Of An Exclusive Community Of Doers, Creatives, Innovators, Positive, Curious & Like-Minded People – Like YOU!

Our Method

Using our surveys and online worksheets, you get both direct access to Denise & Michelle and records of your work.

Your coaches use your updates, and allow for anonymous updates and questions, to adapt content in real time to address your challenges, roadblocks, and to support you in achieving your dreams.

We use breakout rooms (private and off the record discussions between two or three people) to allow you to practice what you learn and share your thoughts on the topic of the week.

We use breathing exercises, meditation and visualization to change your state and be in the moment and ready to perform.


Testimonial about working with the coaches


The Calendar

  • Week 1 - Introduction

  • Week 2 - The Values question

  • Week 3 - The Goals question

  • Week 4 - The Why question

  • Week 5 - The Harmony question

  • Week 6 - The Have question

  • Week 7 - The Need question

  • Week 8 - The How question

  • Week 9 - The Coherence question

  • Week 10 - The Team question

    Week 11 - The Impact question

  • Week 12 - Conclusion


The Integrity System

Our Online Coaching Program containing 10+ hours of videos and audios

Organized In 5 Units

  • Identity

  • Purpose

  • Gratitude

  • Action

  • Sustainability

2 Questions Per Unit

The Ten Questions™ including 2 questions per unit to guide you towards mastery in self-coaching.

For each question, you'll experience:

A Training Session

A Personal Challenge

A Mindfulness Practice

A Case Study

Exercises & tools

We have added an Introductory Unit
to help you prepare with plenty of guidance, case studies, and examples. There's also a Conclusion to the program to help you review and revisit key learnings and to ensure that you're ready to begin using The Integrity System™ in your work and life!


Meet the coaches!

Salt Consulting & Communications is a Geneva-based global consulting, communications, and coaching services provider founded by Michelle Guiliano and Denise Nickerson. Working with senior leaders, boards, Olympic and professional athletes & coaches, artists, musicians, academic institutions, technology professionals, international and multinational organizations, NGOs, and Foundations, this team brings decades of experience in leadership and executive coaching.

With areas of expertise including education, communications, teaming, diversity, equity & inclusion, emotional intelligence and conscious leadership. The team at Salt Consulting & Communications work with talented professionals who wish to make a difference in the world. If you are ready to invest in yourself or your team, there are multiple ways to work with Denise & Michelle to achieve your goals, dreams, and professional objectives. Whether shifting one degree or experiencing deep transformation, Salt Coaches are with you every step of the journey.

Michelle Guiliano

Executive Coach

Michelle Guiliano is an Innovator, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Development and Strategy Consultant, Coach, and Sports Enthusiast. She prefers to lead teams from within and is a catalyst in the creation of high-performance culture wherever she works.

Denise Nickerson

Executive Coach

Denise Nickerson is an Author, Educational Consultant, Guidance Counselor, Coach, and Super-Connector. She leads international, and globally-minded people through the labyrinth of education, networking, and creativity resources to ignite happiness and success.

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  • 12 Coaching Tools

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